God provides for the ministry of our church through your tithes and offerings! Your gifts are honored with faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and accountability.We desire to worship God and honor Him! Our mission our mission is to boldly proclaim the gospel and to motivate believers to maturity in Christ.

4 Giving Categories

There are four primary ways you can give at First Baptist:


  • General Fund (Our regular expenses)
  • Missions Fund (Supporting our Church's Missionaries and Organizations)
  • Special Projects (Support our special projects at the church)
  • Fellowship (This fund helps those in our church and community in need)

God’s Word calls us to obediently give of what He has given us. Everyone should give as they feel lead. What you give should be decided between you and God and we ask that you give in some way from a worshipful heart. This is something we want you to prayerfully consider: