Grove Kids seeks to partner with parents to make disciples who know, grow, and show the living God. 



We strive to help kids know who God is. This means that we teach God's Word, pointing them to the character of God, and the gospel. By the time a child graduates from the children's ministry program, they will know who God is, the big story of Scripture, and that Christ died for sinners. 


Our mission is to make disciples. This means we want the information to lead to transformation. We don't want kids to just know God, but to grow in their relationship with Him and others. This is accomplished by providing tools and fostering relationships that encourage and equip kids to love God.


We are all called to be evangelists, even kids. We want to equip kids to show who God is and what He has done in their life. This could be showing God through words or actions, with the ultimate goal of making disciples who make disciples. 


At Grove Kids, our children, (infant through 5th grade) experience safe, age-appropriate environments where they learn about Jesus in a creative and exciting way. We show how wonderful God's Word is, and help kids grow in their faith. We would love to see you visit First Baptist Church of Downers Grove, and we'd love to welcome your children into Grove Kids.

  • You will be met at the front door and shown where to go
  • Check-in at the ipad kiosks (keep the name tag you are given)
  • Enjoy the Service.
  • After service talk with your child about what they learned


Safety is important for us at First Baptist Church of Downers Grove. Please keep these 3 check-in policies in mind. 

Step 1: Information
Step 2: Name Tag
Step 3: Check-Out


Blueprints are a kind of plan that helps engineers, architects, and drafters to know how a project should go. Plans are everywhere. Kids find plans at school, in their lego sets, and even in their video games. But the best kind of plans are the ones that help us grow. Through the life of Jesus, we're going to find out that God's plans are perfect, love is the foundation of God's plans, that Jesus said yes to God's plans, and most of all that we are included in God's plans.


1. God's plans are perfect.

2. Love is the foundation of God's plans.

3. Jesus said yes to God's plans.

4. I am included in God's plans.


We hope that you will be able to join us as we learn about worshipping God!



AWANA Clubs will start meeting September 16th! We are meeting on a week-to-week basis. For each week do not meet I will have a video that you can watch with your kids! This is a great opportunity for you to help them memorize God's Word! Due to COVID-19 we ask that everyone wears a mask to club. We will also be practicing social distancing and sanitizing frequently.


We will be having VBS in-person this year.We will still be following CDC guidelines. VBS is June 14th - 18th this year. It is for kids P4 - 5th grade (based on the grade just finished). Register today!


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Christian Abbott

Christian has been serving at First Baptist for over 4 years. He currently serves as the children's pastor and young adult pastor. He is a graduate from Moody Bible Institute where he majored in Children's Ministries and Biblical Studies. He is passionate about pointing kids to Christ! In his free time Christian enjoys reading, watching movies, and playing games with friends.